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Like Kermit the frog says . . . it ain't easy being Green!

But for us it has been our way of life for over a decade! We are committed to minimizing our company’s impact on the environment while providing quality products for our customers.

In Contra Costa County, not only were we the first printer to go GREEN but the Green Business progams from many California counties called upon us to help them rewrite the rules for Green Printers.

We offer a wide assortment of recycled papers and print with soy or vegetable-based inks using no or low VOC solvents. When the Bay Area Air Quality Control Board set forth a requirement to track all VOC emmissions we sat down and wrote custom software to track our emissions on a daily basis.

As a California printer, we are faced with the toughest environmental challenges in the nation and our company is in compliance with or exceeds all local, county, state and federal guidelines.

We have choosen not to participate in the Forest Stewardship Council's program due to what we feel is an excessive licensing fee arrangement, but this being said, we can print on FSC certified stock - we just can't print their logo on your job. This enables us to help keep all of our costs under control and give you the product you want at a reasonable price.

In 2012 we recycled over 92,000 pounds of paper, which "saved" over 1000 trees. But when the truth is told, for every tree cut down for paper there are 3 trees planted, paper is a very renewable resource. See this story about the paper industry.


Since 2000

We don't just Print . . .  We Care!