1300 Galaxy Way #3

Concord, California 94520

Tom Meyer - President

Tom has been printing since he was a freshman in high school (1974), and is the driving force behind the company. If it’s not good enough for Tom, it’s not good enough for you.

Jon Saurman - Press Foreman

Jon has been printing since his sophomore year in high school. Now, with over 22 years experience, and a keen eye he often catches mistakes, and has saved many clients from having to completely re-run their job. His favorite saying when confronted with a difficult job is . . . NO PROBLEM!

Bob Meyer - Vice President

Bob has been printing for over 44 years, his experience includes everything printing . . . from hand setting lead type, running a hot metal Linotype, and pretty much every thing else in a printing company.

He received a degree in Electronics Technology in 1976 and has earned the reputation in electronic pre-press of being the guy to call when the going gets tough and the solution needs to be fast and right.


With over 138 years of combined experience our Leadership team has seen and overcome many challenges.

If we haven't seen it and know the solution, we have the skill and knowledge to figure it out!

We don't just Print . . .  We Care!